10 Best serial killer films with unforgettable horrors

10 Best serial killer films with unforgettable horrors - How many films with stories about the serial killer or serial killers did you watch? Seven, The Bone Collector, or Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? All of them are cool films that you might never get bored of watching.

In addition to solving mysteries, you will be invited to think hard, even with a surprising ending. However, behind all that there are still a few films that portray other serial killers that you might have missed.

BookMyShow will share some of the best Serial Killer films from Hollywood that you might have missed. Following

10. A Walk Among Tombstone

A touch of noir, and of course Liam Neeson who acts as the protagonist. He acts as a private investigator who must investigate the murder of the wife of a drug dealer. Not an ordinary killer, because after investigation, this killer is a serial killer.

Ah, besides Liam Neeson who was the protagonist and busy with the killer, there was David Harbor who appeared cold, and at the same time terrible with his own style.

9. Anamorph

A serial killer film that doesn't just sell through the story. Some camera angles can influence the perception of the audience. The intelligence of this film increases when the theme raised is actually a psychological thriller.

Really made by gripping through based on the concept of anamorphosis, a painting technique that manipulates the perspective of the eye. Willem Dafoe, lined up to lead the audience to solve various mysteries, including the serial killer who turns out to have a relationship with the concepts of anarmophosis.

8. Kiss the Girl

This Killer serial film is certainly quite familiar. Often wara-wiri in several private television stations. Tells the story of a policeman who hunts a kidnapper as well as a serial killer. To solve the case, the police was assisted by one of the men who almost became a victim of the killer.

There are many psychological conflicts at play here. One of them is a game about how to hunt down the serial killer.

7. Mr. Brooks

How would it be if a technical businessman, had money even including philanthropists turned out to be a serial killer. A kind of air filled with emotions and egos that enveloped Mr. Earl Brooks as a hitman.

In fact, being a killer is a kind of side job at night. Not profitable in money, but provides benefits for his soul.

6. Dahmer

In his day, there was a popular serial killer named Jefrey Dahmer. This is where Jeremy Rehner's role as Dahmer. A cold figure, and no less brutal. This film illustrates how Dahmer's character is told from two different sides of time. Past and future.

5. The Pledge

There is the name of director Sean Penn who worked on this film. There are names of Jack Nicholson, Benicio del Toro, and Aaron Eckhart involved. Tells the story of a police retirement who is trying to dismantle a case of serial formation with child victims.

His obsession was so great that he was trapped in a frame of mind that influenced the audience. Again, when it comes to the quality of Jack Nicholson's acting, including in this one film, there is no doubt about it.

4. Maniac

From the title alone it would have made a cold sweat. Very cold and full of artistic killings. Tells about two characters namely a young artist and a mannequin owner from a shop. trivial from the classic work of William Lustig.

As the main character Elijah Wood was able to display the picture of 'madness' from this film.

3. Suspect Zero

Hunting between police and serial killers is common. However, what would happen if the serial killers look for each other serial killer. This incident continues to take its toll, forcing FBI agents to get too involved.

The depth that helped make him trapped in the framework of the thought of serial killers who kill each other. There are names of Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley to Carrie-Anne Moss who are involved in the film series Killer on this one.

2. Taxi Driver

One of the best Killer films of all time. The turmoil of a former warrior who became a taxi driver resulted in strange things. Rober de Niro was able to play his role as a taxi driver and prisoner who later became a killer and was involved in things that caused chaos.

1. The Lovely Bones

This film is actually a fantasy and drama genre. However, thriller inserts make the power of how to solve the case of a serial killer managed to make the audience fooled by its beauty.

A film dipolers with a different style. Shaping the viewpoint of the viewer sees the serial killer from the side of fantasy. Various neat visuals were exhibited in this film. All this is because the director Peter Jackson is indeed always fond of translating any type of fantasy in his mind into a neat visual.

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