Parasite Wins Best Original Oscar Screenplay 2020, Beat Quentin Tarantino

The surprise came from the peak night of the 2020 Oscars . Parasite won the first 2020 Oscars but not in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Bearing in mind, until this article was compiled, the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film category has not been announced. Parasite dramatically won the prestigious 2020 Oscar Cup , Best Original Screenplay.

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When the names Bong Joon Ho and Jin Won Han were mentioned, the invited guests applauded. Bong Joon Ho and Jin Won Han went on stage and delivered victory speeches in English mixed with South Korea.

While holding the Oscars, Bong Joon Ho mentioned that the writing of the Parasite script was a long process.

"Writing a Parasite script goes through a long and aloof process, moreover I want to write an issue that illustrates the face of our country's people," told Bong Joon Ho on stage.

He added, "I am grateful for my wife who has always been an inspiration in working and creating in the art world. And all the actors who brought this film to life. "

While Jin Won Han looked nervous when delivering the victory speech. "I want to share the honor with other screenwriters," he said, succinctly.

In the Oscars 2020 Best Original Screenplay category, Parasite is pitted with Knives Out (Rian Johnson), Marriage Story (Noah Baumbach), 1917 (Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns), and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino).

For information, in the Oscars 2020 round, Parasite won 6 nominations namely Film, Foreign Language Film, Director, Original Screenplay, Image Editor, and Artistic Arrangement.

This year, Parasite made history because it became the first Asian film to win the screenplay category.

Parasite  became the first Asian film to win a double nomination for Best Film and Best Foreign Language Film. Previously, the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  in 2001.

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