Synopsis Ready or Not: Murder in the Plot of the New Bride - Ready or Not , the story of a new bride and groom's hide and seek thriller is airing in Indonesian theaters. This Fox Searchlight film tells the story of hereditary tradition of a family for newlyweds. 

Daniel and Grace were just married. In accordance with Daniel's family tradition, Grace, as a bride must follow the game of hide and seek. Grace has to hide from Daniel's extended family in a super stately home.

When looking for Grace in the game, family members are allowed to carry sharp weapons. If Grace is found, this family member may kill her. The game is trivial but it turns out to be terrible. Inevitably, Grace must be involved in the game. With the dress she was wearing, Grace prepared all the equipment, ranging from weapons, protection and navigation tools.

Ready or Not is the work of directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, as well as screenwriters Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy. Before becoming director of Ready or Not , Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett were directors and screenwriters of Devil's Due (2014), Southbound (2016) and V / H / S (2012). The Rotten Tomatoes website gave an 88 percent score for the film with the label "R".

While the audience gave a score of 81 percent. IMDb gives a score of 7.3 out of 10. Launch Variety, this film debuted with income of 1.95 United States dollars (US). The income was obtained from screenings in 2,244 theaters in North America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Ready or Not is a film from Fox Searchlight that has the widest viewing range. The film was distributed by Disney after the studio acquired Fox. But to date, Ready or Not has missed an estimated 15 million in five days, and has only received 7.6 million US dollars, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Ready or Not became a film that gave a new touch to Fox Searchlight's production studio.

Previously, Fox Searchlight was famous for its indie films and European productions. These changes seem to occur after Disney's acquisition of Fox Searchlight . Since it premiered at the Fantasia international film festival, Ready or Not received much attention from horror fans and film critics.

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