The Joker and 6 Oscar-Winning Films were Awarded the Worst Razzie Award

Calamity befalls Joker . The film that won 11 Oscar 2020 nominations was unexpectedly received 1 nomination at the 40th Golden Raspberry Awards aka Razzie Awards 2020 . The Joker was rewarded with the nomination for the Worst Film Category that Wiped Humans or Public Property. This is a new category.

Many people judge, this is a trick of the 2020 Razzie Awards to bring down the prestige of the Joker ahead of the peak night of Oscars. Just to remind, the Razzie Awards event "awards" for the worst films that are held every year.

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Reflecting on history, not a few Oscar-winning films also won or were nominated from the Razzie Awards. Ahead of the 2020 Razzie Awards , we present 6 Oscar-winning films rewarded by the Razzie Award. Strange but True. Enjoy listening.

1. Wall Street
Wall Street  films that can not be forgotten by the two players, namely Michael Douglas and Daryl Hannah. In his entire life, Michael Douglas won only one Oscar in the acting category via Wall Street .

Opposite the actor, through Wall Street too, Daryl Hannah "won" the Razzie Award for the Worst Female Supporting Actor. Wall Street is the only film that won an Oscar as well as a Razzie Award in the acting category in history.
2. Suicide Squad
Chided by critics, Suicide Squad easily won a place in the hearts of the Razzie Awards committee. This DC comic based work by David Ayer is the Worst Scenario nominee and the Worst Male Supporting Actor for Jared Letto (as a Joker). That said, this is one of the triggers Jared Letto replaced by Joaquin Phoenix, which was later called the right decision!

Apart from this embarrassing reputation, Suicide Squad made a surprise by bringing home the best Oscar for makeup and hair. Thank you to Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini and Christopher Allen Nelson.

3. Yentl
Yentl is one of the unique phenomena in the history of world film. This film won the Oscar for Best Music System. Strangely, he was also nominated for the Razzie Awards for the Worst Musical System. Oscars awarded Amy Irving the nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Through the same film, the actress was also nominated for the Razzie Awards for the Worst Supporting Actress. Sorry, is the taste of the Oscars committee going down or is the Razzie Awards fond of looking for sensations?

4. Pearl Harbor
Filmmaker Michael Bay pats his chest because Pearl Harbor won 4 Oscar nominations for Visual Effects, Sound System, Sound Editor, and Best Theme Song. The more proud, when Pearl Harbor won the Best Voice Editor category.
Unfortunately, this achievement was tarnished because of the Razzie Awards rewarding Pearl Harbor

6 nominations including Director, Film, Sequel or Birthday for the Worst. Pearl Harbor survived because it did not win a single one. But at the Yoga Awards, Ben Affleck was named the Worst Foreign Actor.

5. Independence Day
One of the best disaster films of the 1990s. Roland Emmerich led Independence Day to gross revenues of 817 million US dollars (around 11.4 trillion rupiah) from around the world. That's still added to the Best Visual Effects Oscar win bonus.

But the Razzie Awards are no less resourceful to pollute Roland Emmerich's happiness. Independence Day was rewarded with Worst Written Films Grossing Over 100 Million Dollars aka the Worst Film with Revenue above 100 Million Dollars. Astagfirullah, so julid !

6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Many media outlets call How The Grinch Stole Christmas a low-quality film that miraculously won an Oscar. The film, starring Jim Carey, won Best Cosmetology at Oscars 2001. That was still added to the bonus 2 nominations for the Best Artistic and Costume category.

On the other hand, the Razzie Awards rewarded the film with two nominations, the Worst Screenplay and the Sequel or Worst Birthday Film. Luckily, How the Grinch Stole Christmas lost.

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