Hobby Playing Games? Here it is, the Most Exciting and Best Detective Game

Many exciting and interesting games that you can play. There are various interesting genres not only that are popular such as soccer and basketball, action and RPG. One of the most popular game genres, producing many popular and best game titles is the detective genre.

Detective games generally test reason, intelligence and sharpen memories, as well as train mindset through various problems and codes that must be solved, find and uncover traces. This game genre is popular because of the high level of challenges, making the players want to find out more and create curiosity. Not only ignites curiosity, there are also a number of detective games that also make the hair goose bumps!

Well, is your gaming soul challenged to reveal secrets? Want to start playing but don't know the best detective game? Let's see the 7 best detective games that will be explained below!

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

One of the games you must play in the detective genre is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. This game combines detective and paranormal side. This detective game has an open world environment so you can explore various areas. To solve the riddle of a crime, you must use paranormal powers, such as sensing about the environment and important items that can help solve problems. You play as a paranormal investigator named Paul Prospero who approaches a small town after being sent a letter by a child named Ethan Carter. The aftermath makes me curious and the hairs are chilling, let's try to buy this game right away!


Kona is a detective game. This game tells the story of a private detective named Carl Faubert who came to a deserted and snowy city in Canada at the behest of his client. Kona took time in the 70s. If you are familiar with the movie Fargo or the Twin Peaks series, then you will definitely love this game! In addition, the popularity of this game is due to the uniqueness of the story and the aura of solitude that will surely make you shudder! Although graphically it's not too good like a variety of other detective games, but you must play this one detective game!

Deadly Premonition

Combining detective games with supernatural / horror, is the next best detective game, Deadly Premonition. You play as a prominent FBI agent named Francis York Morgan who is being assigned to investigate the serial killer named Raincoat Killer, in a small town called Greenvale. This game is very unique because there are various elements that you need to accommodate this open map, such as having to maintain a level of health so as not to fatigue, fuel for vehicles when traveling around the city, and so forth. There will be two worlds here, the world of good and the world of evil, both of which are very important for solving the puzzle of killing. Intriguing right?

The black

This one game entered in the row of the best games ever released, not only spent its position as one of the best detective games. This popular game was developed by Team Bondi, an Australian game development company and published by the console game industry giant, Rockstar Games. This game takes place in Los Angeles in the 40s. In the LA Noire game, you will take the role of Cole Phelps, a policeman from the Los Angeles Police Department through various divisions and cases, ranging from revealing various killings in the detective section to finally becoming a detective. Then the player will switch to a private investigator, Jack Kelso, who handles a case. There will be a big case that connects the two of them. Intriguing right? Let's solve the puzzle immediately and complete LA Noire!


Often called one of the best games, winning many awards, it seems appropriate to include Fahrenheit as one of the seven best detective games. Fahrenheit is made by the same game development company as Heavy Rain, namely Quantic Dream. Fahrenheit tells about a situation in New York, where a mysterious murder incident occurred, but all have the same pattern, namely a person possessed and killed each other strangers. As a player, you are required to find answers to these events. Well, I'm curious about how the combination between psychics and interactive games based on the choices we make throughout the game? Even though it was released almost more than 10 years ago, you can still get this game for various consoles.

Heavy Rain

One of the favorite games on the Playstation console is Heavy Rain. This game tells the story of a father who lost his child when kidnapped by a serial killer. He was then faced with various problems when he wanted to find the child. In this game, you play as 4 different characters who have their own problems. What's very special about Heavy Rain is the story based on your own choices, so the story will develop according to your decisions and desires. This detective game is also commercially successful.

Ace Attorney

Want to try it feels to be a lawyer? Well, you should try this one game. Ace Attorney is a detective game but feels like reading a novel because it's not stylish like a regular game. In this game, you will act as a variety of lawyer characters. This game has two different parts, first is the investigation section when gathering various evidence and testimonials, and then continues in the fight section between lawyers in the courtroom. Exciting and intriguing right?

How? Increasingly curious to play 7 games earlier? Some of these games have indeed been released in a long time, but certainly you can still find them in various places, one of which is game shopping sites like Steam. Now to buy games on Steam, you definitely have to buy Steam Wallet right? Don't bother buying Steam Wallet because you can easily buy it on Tokopedia, all you have to do is hold it, no need to travel! In addition, you can also buy various detective games on Tokopedia, a safe and comfortable online trading site!

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