Synopsis & Movie Review of My Friend Dahmer (2017)

Synopsis & Movie Review of My Friend Dahmer (2017)

Title: My Friend Dahmer (2017) 

Genre: Drama, Psychology 

Rate imdb: 6.3 / 10 (12,198 votes) 
Rate Ane: 3/5 

~ Marc Meyers 
~ Marc Meyers 
~ John Backderf 

Duration: 1h 47m 
~ Ross Lynch (Jeff Dahmer) 
~ Alex Wolff (John Backderf) 
~ Anne Heche (Joyce Dahner) 

About the dahmer man who has a fairly large stature. But life is not good dahmer, he is not easy to get along and when at home he always saw his parents fight. Until finally Dahmer needed more attention and the excitement began. 

How does it go ??

"The origin of Dahmer became a killer" 
For those who don't know, this is a biographical film about the serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer, so this is a biographical film about him. We are presented with all kinds of things that the public does not know about him, we are also presented with reasons and reasons why Dahmer became a murderer. Previously, the dahmer film was made and played by Jeremy Renner in 2002. I think this is just a remake or reboot, because I have never watched a movie in 2002. Because it is very clear if this film is not a sequel. There are rarely biographical films that get a sequel.

After watching, I think I know the difference between this film and the 2002 film, this is not a remake, reboot or sequel. The film tells the dahmer from a different perspective, namely from his friend dahmer named derf. This is not a documentary, so it's kind of derf's opinion about Dahmer and filmed. And this film only tells dahmer during high school, because derf and dahmer were friends only during high school, so we will be treated to the madness of high school kids in his time. Our dsni is also not shown how the dahmer kills, because the dahmer is still not a killer, but we are only presented with strong pressure from the confusion and family and that causes dahmer to become a killer. So there are no victims or killings that occur in this film except killing animals,

But unfortunately there are not many surprises that occur in this film, we were really presented with something monotonous from the beginning to the end, I didn't expect there would be stabbing or blood. But if the story is straight, it's not fun according to me either. Acting a dahmer actor is also quite successful in becoming a terrible person in terms of mental and issued through expression. Because this film is set in the past when it was a high school student, so it's still tucked in about the racist story, not much just 1 frame, because this film doesn't focus on that. Yes the point is to tell the dahmer from a different perspective, not the action, but the factors. 

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