Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM) with Leatherface as an icon has become one of the biggest and legendary horror franchises today. In addition to this first film, this film has made 3 sequels, 1 remake and 1 prequel from remake. Even Leatherface has appeared in various comics and video games. TCM also became one of the films that became the standard in making slasher films in the future. The idea of ​​TCM and Leatherface itself came from the figure of Ed Gein who is a real killer who also likes to skin his victims. This film itself was banned from circulating in several countries because of the high level of sadism in it.


Like other slasher films, this film tells the story of a group of young people who are traveling. The two sisters Sally (Marilyn Burns) and Franklin (Paul A. Partain) along with 3 friends are traveling to visit the house and grave of Sally and Franklin's grandfather. In the middle of their journey they met a pedestrian. Out of pity they gave him a ride. But over time the man's behavior became even stranger. He began to cut his own hand and the peak hurt Franklin with a knife. That made them drive the man out of the car. Arriving at their destination they began to explore and find a house. The house they did not know was a place for slaughtering of people belonging to Leatherface and his family, of course all of them crazy people.

The ingredients used for this film are actually the standard slasher film in which young women travel to places that are unfamiliar to them. Then they carelessly explore to a place that they see is scary and mysterious. And of course that's where the death of the killer awaits them. The stupid behavior that is often displayed by the characters is very disturbing. But this film is arguably special because it is a pioneer in displaying such a plot. So it's understandable when the film was first released is still considered to give a fresh story. It's different if watched at this time where so many slasher films that adopt a similar theme.


I myself am a little disappointed with the level of sadism of this film which in my opinion is actually quite polite and not too crazy. Or maybe in the past things that were shown in this film were vulgar and out of line? Unlike the disappointing level of sadism and stale slasher standard plot, the director Tobe Hooper is still able to provide many special and positive things in this film. The first is the interaction between Leatherface and potential victims, in this case Sally. 

The chase scene that was the introduction to the climax of the film for me personally was quite tense. This may be due to the way Hooper displays more logical and acceptable reasoning. If we watch a slasher movie featuring Jason or Michael Myers, we will be shown chasing actions that make me weird. That is where the potential victim has been running fast and the killer is only walking slowly but suddenly he can appear anywhere suddenly. Unlike this film where the pursuit by Leatherface is really shown so it is more tense.

Towards the end, the film also began to increase in weight not only because of the exciting chase scenes but also began to display the crazy Leatherface families. The crazy dinner scene was indeed very interesting to me coupled with the appearance of the character Grandpa. The portrayal of the Leatherface character itself is more logical and interesting in my eyes than other killer figures. It is very visible in this film Leatherface kills more because he was indeed ordered to do that. And he himself is shown as someone who is depressed and worried when he sees strangers hanging around. I think that's more acceptable than other sadistic killers.

OVERALL:It's a bit overrated for me to make a general assessment of this film, but TCM is indeed a slasher film that is better and one level above most slasher films.

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