Zodiac (2007); simple but special

Okay, before that you must be confused why I just reviewed this film now. The answer is, because I just watched the film last week !! (What the heck ?! Where have you been, one ...?!) I also ask that question myself, where have I been to be able to miss this kind of film?

Zodiac (2007); simple but special

The Zodiac film , based on a non-fiction novel of the same name, tells the story of a serial killer named Zodiac. Yes, this film is based on a true story about a serial murder case that occurred in San Francisco in the 60-70s era. The zodiac case was a case that was quite sensational in his day, because in addition to being an unsolved case , the culprit himself was diligent in sending letters containing the story of his murder as well as the passcode to the mass media. (hmm, a bit narcissistic too huh? but it's a way to get famous though ...: p)

Robert Graysmith - the main character who is also the author of the original novel - is a former scout who works as a cartoonist in the daily The Chronicles. He was obsessed with the zodiac from the moment he first saw the coded letter that the zodiac gave to his office. Together with Paul Avery, a journalist assigned specifically to cover this case, he discusses the zodiac every day. Until his case has been consumed by time, he is still curious about who the zodiac actually is. He also - with the help of David Toschi, the police who had worked on the zodiac case before - repeated all searches from the start.

There's more than one way to lose your life to a killer . That's the tagline (or at least that's the description that I read on imdb: p). That happened to Graysmith. He left his wife, his children, he even got out of his job so obsessed with finding the zodiac. It was as if the zodiac had taken his life, though not by killing him.

A little trivia before entering the main menu. There is something interesting about the process of making this film. David Fincher and his screenwriter, Vanderbilt , spent months studying the case and adding a few details to the script. Perhaps because this is an unsolved mystery , they do not want to speculate and give the audience the answers as they are. To the extent that for this matter, they use the services of their own forensic experts.

Enter the main menu, in my opinion this film is underrated, its fate is almost similar to that of The Prestige . Because from one side it may indeed not be Fincher's best work, when viewed from previous works with similar genres but with stories that are more misleading to the brain and packaging (visualization, effects, and actors) are more interesting. So it's only natural that people who are familiar with Fight Club or Se7en consider this film unattractive (I also initially thought this film was not interesting in terms of posters hehe ..). Moreover, the release in 2007 almost coincided with the release of 300 , which at that time dominated the American box office .

But apart from the previous works, in my opinion this film is successful as a true story-mystery-crime film because in my opinion here Fincher has succeeded in making my level of interest in the plot increase over time. I like how he continues to arouse my sense of curiosity by compiling puzzles in the plot that helped make me think. I like how he teases me throughout the film by building a tensing atmosphere , which sometimes makes me forget to breathe. Because that's where the hallmarks of Fincher are. This makes the zodiac feel different from other true story-mystery-crime movies that I have watched before, whose boring levels are sometimes not described.

Although it is not as misleading as Se7en or as exciting as the Fight Club which has become a cult . I can categorize Zodiac as a simple but special film. Zodiac is simple because you could say this film is in the middle, or even can be a mediator for those of you who don't really like excessive or not strong heart sports with high levels of gory . But he is still special because Fincher successfully combines several important elements as in his predecessor film (as explained in the previous paragraph, even with a different percentage). 

So in my opinion this film is almost the same as The Prestige which is also simple-special when juxtaposed with other Nolan's works (simple because the plot is easier than its predecessormemento or losing prestige with the Batman trilogy which at that time was hotly discussed, but still special because it is actually a film with a lot of twist that left an impression on the brain). In my opinion, it is precisely in films like this that you can see the style, character and consistency of a director. Maybe it's because of this simple, special true-story film that Fincher was finally directed to direct The Social Network (which ended very successfully!).

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